How To Make Working Out Easier

How To Make Working Out Easier

Over the last few months, I’ve been making a conscience effort to become fitter. But my goodness it’s tough, isn’t it?! Sometimes I want nothing more than to stay in bed or settle in front of the TV watching re-runs of ‘Location, Location, Location’ (don’t deny you don’t love a bit of Kirsty and Phil action too!).

However, it can’t be denied that when I move daily I feel much much better…And hey, I’m actually starting to enjoy this whole working out malarky!

Here are a few ways which have helped me enjoy working out more.

1. Get the outfit

Ahh, that feeling of putting on a brand new pair of marble printed leggings. Is there anything better?! Suddenly you feel like the sassiest and most confident gym goer in the whole universe… Even if in reality you can barely lift those 2lb hand weights.

2. Get a great playlist

Have you ever noticed that what you listen to can dramatically change how you do in the gym? Give me James Bay and I’ll feel more in a yoga mood, give me the Foo Fighters and suddenly I can run… Fast! Just like Forest Gump. Whatever music you’re into make it fit for the exercise you’re doing at the time.

3. Get Guavapass

If you’re anything like me you probably really really hate the gym. I just hate the idea of spending my nights pounding the treadmill in a stuffy gym with sweaty people. Ewww. However, if you sign up to Guavapass then you can try all different types of classes and discover what you really enjoy. Making the whole experience so much nicer!

4. Be kind to yourself.

Can’t run 5k straight away? Can’t do a headstand? Can’t lift that 10kg weight? That’s ok!  Don’t beat yourself up about your current fitness levels. Why? Because negativity only breads negativity and you’ll end up demotivating yourself. Always look on the postive—at least you’ve got off that arse of yours!

5. Keep a gym bag packed

How many of you get home after a busy day at work with all the good intentions of getting changed and heading straight to the gym. The reality is you sling off your work clothes, pour yourself a cup of tea, have a warm bath and then get into your cosy pyjamas. Simply packing your bag and getting ready straight from work 100 % always works for me.

6. Treat yourself

If you’ve hit the gym all week then reward yourself with a manicure, facial, trip to the cinema, or anything else you love to do. Just don’t reward yourself with doughnuts or chips…You don’t want to undo all of that hard work!

7. Join up with friends

If you book in a fitness session with a friend chances are you’re more likely to go as no one likes to let a friend down. This way you can support each other through the blood, sweat, and in my case, tears.

8. Don’t leave the house

If you don’t live near a gym or just hate the idea of stepping foot into one then simply do it at home. I know exercise DVD’s may seem a little 80’s and visions of Rosemary Conley in her high-rise leotard may pop into your head but there are actually some really good ones. For example, I love the Davina McCall ones or The Body Coach. Plus, the latter gets his top off in the end so there’s an incentive to stick around!

9. Get a Fitbit

I’ve already spoken about my love for my Fitbit before and I can’t recommend one enough. It’s the one thing that keeps me motivated and competitive with myself. I can’t express the joy you feel when you watch your steps go up and up.

Do you have any tips for making going to the gym easier? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below.

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