A Coffee Lovers Heaven | Best Cafes In Dubai

A Coffee Lovers Heaven | Best Cafes In Dubai

‘Before I have coffee, everyone’s an arsehole. After I have coffee everyone is still an arsehole but at least I have the coffee.’ Ahh, don’t you just love it when you find a quote that sums you up just perfectly! But I have a confession. I am a complete coffee snob. I hate instant coffee and coffee chains. You can keep your Starbucks, your Costa, and your cafe Nero, I don’t want them and neither should you. Ok, you can go if you insist but there are soooo many nicer places out there! When I first moved to Dubai there really weren’t that many places that served a decent cup but we’re getting much better, aren’t we?! So please don’t settle for a murky bitter cup of coffee. Why? Because coffee should be an indulgence, a treat, and perhaps, in my case, the crutch that gets you through the day. So, if you too need a coffee on every day ending in a ‘y’ then check out my pick of the best cafes in Dubai.


Blink and you’d miss this tiny little cafe it if it wasn’t for the crowd of people and cars literally landing and beeping their horn to let the world know they want a coffee and they want it delivered straight to their car window. But who can blame them when the coffee is so damn good! Tip: The little peanut butter pretzel balls are amazing and make the perfect mid-morning snack… Buy lots, and eat them in secret. These are too yummy to share.

Raw coffee dubai


Raw coffee was the first coffee in Dubai I liked. In fact, I’d go as far to say I actively sought it out and avoided those places which didn’t serve it. With lots of new amazing coffee shops opening day by day in Dubai I’ve since broadened my horizons a little, but their cafe in Al Quoz is still a firm favourite of mine. The cute atmosphere makes the coffee that little bit more special than it already is.

brew cafe jumeirah dubai

Mokha 1450

I remember the first time I went to Mokha 1450. Tucked away in the heart of Jumeirah with lovely Arabic decor, I was told to pull up a seat at the coffee bar and pick my choice of coffee after a briefing on how they all tasted. You see Mokha 1450 is the place to come if you really want to personalise your cup and have a little lesson in coffee. Something I enjoyed immensely. In fact, I’m pretty sure Mokha 1450 have contributed massively to my caffeine addiction.

mokha 1450 cafe in Dubai


I’m not going to lie when I first think of good coffee I don’t think of Japan. Perhaps because I’ve never been. Have you been? Is their coffee good? One thing I do know though is that this Japanese coffee house is good, so good that it calls me again and again. Plus it’s the perfect place for a pick me up if you’ve had a long day shopping at Dubai Mall.

arabica cafe dubai


There’s actually not many places in JBR which serve up a delicious mug of coffee so you can imagine my excitement (yes cue jumping up and down on the spot) when I discovered this clear box of a cafe that is Nostalgia. Resting just past the cinema this is a little haven. It’s also very Instagram worthy! Grab a croissant, your favourite style of coffee and sit back and relax before a busy day laying horizontal on the beach.

nostalgia cafe dubai

There you have it, a few of my favourite coffee shops here in Dubai. I’ll keep adding to this list when I discover a few new ones but in the mean time are there any you recommend for me to try? I’d love to know!

Love, Becky x

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