Park House | Kite Beach | Dubai

Park House | Kite Beach | Dubai

There’s a place where everyone in Dubai goes on a Friday morning. A place where you have to sit on a wall and wait for a table to become empty. But you won’t mind. A place where children rush past, their sticky little fingers wiping your new white shorts as they whizz by. But you won’t mind. A place where you may get your breakfast before you get your coffee. But again. You won’t mind. Why? Because this place is simply lovely.

I love Park House. In fact, you could say I’m a little addicted. Located right on Kite Beach, which happens incidentally to be my favourite place in Dubai, is a little gem of a beach-side cafe where I’ve now more or less become a resident. I just wish it was still a ‘secret gem’ because it appears that everyone else loves it here too!

Park House Dubai

The main reason I love it here is because of its gorgeous laid back atmosphere just perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts which you’ll discover as soon as you run and grab the first available bench to sit at.

Once you do the only thing that remains to do is settle down and watch as families gather, their hungry children devouring blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and their parents craning their necks in the hope that one of the many avocado on toasts with runny eggs piling out the kitchen is indeed theirs.

Avocado Toast at Park House Kite Beach Dubai

waffles Park House Dubai

Toast at Park House Kite Beach Dubai

Eggs Benedict at Park House Kite Beach Dubai

Park House may be noisy and a little chaotic but that, in my opinion, just adds to the charm. I love nothing more than to see people out and about early, their hair slightly matted from the sea breeze, and with relaxed smiles plastered happily on their faces.

But the food and atmosphere isn’t just the best bit here. Although that is, of course, a major plus point. You can walk it all of with a walk along Kite Beach. Simply heaven.

kite beach Dubai

Love, Becky x

P.S) Please be patient and kind to those serving you, they’re probably the busiest people in Dubai at the weekends and they’re always smiling!

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